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FReeZA is delivered through funding provided by the Office for Youth, within the Victorian Government  to local governments and community organisations. 

FReeZA is designed to increase young people’s participation in community life through the planning, development and delivery of music and cultural events.

One of FReeZA’s most important functions is to promote young peoples’ activities and generate a positive image of young people as active, vibrant community members.  By showcasing young people’s skills, initiative and enthusiasm, FReeZA generates positive stories to counter some of the negative images often associated with youth culture. 

For further information on the FReeZA program please contact FReeZA HQ.

FReeZA Funding

FReeZA is delivered through a partnership between the Office for Youth and community organisations where:

  • the Office for Youth provides program funding, guidelines and support to plan, implement and evaluate FReeZA; and
  • local governments and community organisations provide support for the young people’s community activities using a youth participation approach.

FReeZA funding is available as a two year funding agreement for local government and community organisations across Victoria.  Providers are asked  to implement a range of music and artistic events that cater for the diverse cultural needs of young people in their respective communities. The current funding period finishes in 2011.  Applications will be published here when open.


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A Victorian Government Initiative

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