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Promotion and branding of your FReeZA event is one of the things that is important to get right for everybody's benefit. 

The following branding requirements are outlined in the Guidelines and Conditions of Service Delivery.

» Banners
» Logo and Image Downloads
» Tips on promotion and the local media

FReeZA Organisations must ensure that all event promotions, advertising and marketing contain the branding items:

  • The FReeZA logo;
  • The phrase “"; or the words
  • “A Victorian Government Initiative".

FReeZA Organisations should ensure that the FReeZA branding is the most prominent and that the phrase “" is legible.

FReeZA Organisations must also ensure that all event advertising, promotions, posters and leaflets include advice regarding pass-outs and the phrases:

  • “under age" or “all-ages event";
  • “drug, alcohol and smoking-free"; and
  • “safe and secure" or “fully supervised".

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FReeZA Logo downloads

The following logo downloads encompass the official FReeZA logo, the State Government logo and the FReeZA website address.

Please note that JPEG and GIF files are most recommended for use on the Internet and lower quality printing.
Please read the FReeZA guidelines on FReeZA branding for details on positioning and requirements.

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A FReeZA banner will be provided to all FReeZA Organisations.  FReeZA Organisations must ensure that the FReeZA banner is located centre stage, behind the performers, highly visible, and thus the most prominent banner at all FReeZA events. 

If the FReeZA banner is lost, stolen or damaged, the Office for Youth must be contacted immediately and the FReeZA Provider will be responsible for reimbursing the Office for Youth for the cost of providing a new banner.


Promotion and the local media

Good promotion of your FReeZA events and Committee is key to gettjng people to attend your events and be involved in your Committee.

The Office for Youth have developed a range of media tips (Word, 655kb) and a sample media release (Word, 635kb) to assist you in making the most of your promotion.


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A Victorian Government Initiative

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