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Sometimes it can be hard to find the right info about organising, participating in and going to gigs in Victoria. To assist, here is a list of organisations, resources and examples that can help you, your committee and/or band to participate in all-ages, under 18 and FReeZA events in regional and metropolitan Victoria.

As an event organizer, you need to know about what you legally need to provide your performers, what they need to provide you, how to run a successful event, where you can book performers, how to plan a promo campaign and other items. 

The guidelines and conditions of service delivery have been written by the Office for Youth to assist FReeZA Providers and Committees to conduct safe, secure, drug and alcohol-free events, and to ensure that they are developed by young people for young people.

The information includes reporting requirements, details of the Support Service and Government regulations.

» Youth Development and Training Activities (Word, 25kb) - prepared by the Office for Youth

The Push
The Push is a non-profit, Victorian based youth entertainment organisation. They are also the FReeZA Support Service. You can contact The Push for advice on anything to do with your FReeZA Committee. Whether you are a FReeZA artist recording a demo or finding somewhere to rehearse, organizing an outdoor event or show, running a FReeZA Push Start Battle of the Bands heat, or just needing general music industry advice, The Push can assist you. On the Push website under the Artist button you will find a listing of artists who have registered their interest to play FReeZA shows, the FReeZA Push Start resources including form downloads

APRA The Australasian Performing Right Association Ltd
APRA makes life a little easier for songwriters, composers and music users, like FReeZA Committees. Australian copyright law makes songwriters and composers the exclusive owners of their original music and lyrics. Nobody else can use their work without getting their permission first, and if necessary, paying a royalty for this use. This is where APRA steps in to help both performers and FReeZA Committees. APRA also has a range of licences available to cover the performance or playing of music at your FReeZA event.

Australian Taxation Office
Statement by Supplier Form information:  This webpage has the Statement by a Supplier form available for download. This form is used by artists or bands who are being paid to play an event and do not have an ABN.

Booking agencies
You can book your favourite artists through different booking agencies that artists are represented by


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