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The Bulletin Board holds the latest relevant information for FReeZA provider organisations.  If you are a FReeZA Provider and have any questions or would like a topic explained please contact FReeZA HQ. 

Featuring on the Bulletin Board:

» Website Assistance
» Practice Articles
» Working with Children Check

FReeZA in Review

FReeZA Report

The highlights and the lowdown on the events, Committees and the FReeZA program in 2008

» PDF, 328kb
» Word, 340kb

FReeZA Website Assistance

The FReeZA website is dedicated to promoting FReeZA and providing FReeZA workers and Committee members with program information. The Office for Youth has developed the following tools to assist you in the promotion of your FReeZA Committee online.

General Web information for FReeZA Workers (Word, 68kb)
New to FReeZA?  Here is a quick guide to what the offical FReeZA website can do for your FReeZA Committee and a guide to maintaining your own FReeZA pages.

Moderation Rules (Word, 85kb)
FReeZA Providers are responsible for the moderation of any external pages that promote the FReeZA program, such as Council pages or MySpace.  Here are some tips and tricks to assist you and your FReeZA Committee in the successful

Simple tips to writing a great event review (Word, 61kb)
We love to about FReeZA events or great bands or artists. Here are simple tips to assist FReeZA Committee's in writing a great review.

How to make a podcast or video (Word, 54kb)
Want to contribute a podcast or video of a FReeZA band or event.  Here is a simple guide to the low cost succesful way to develop multimedia content. 

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Best Practice Topics

The Best Practice section of the FReeZA website is dedicated to educating and informing you about different aspects of the FReeZA program. It provides tips and suggestions for FReeZA committees, FReeZA workers, and other potential music industry players.

Current topics include:

  • Promoting your FReeZA event
  • Event Management and Safety
  • Risk Management
  • Making your FReeZA event work
  • Engaging your committee members
  • Reward Ideas
  • FReeZA Awards

»  Check out the Best Practice section

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Working with Children Check

The Victorian Government has introduced a new checking system under the Working with Children Act 2005, which will affect some people who work or volunteer with children. 

FReeZA providers are responsible for ensuring that they comply with regulations under the Working With Children Act 205 and apply for a Working with Children Check where required. 

The Working with Children Check is one of a range of government initiatives designed to assist in the protection of Victorian children from harm by checking a person’s criminal history for serious sexual, violent, or drug offences and findings from professional disciplinary bodies.

Working with children checks are being phased in over the next five years, commencing in April 2006.  For more information or to apply for a Working With Children Check please visit (external link) or contact the Working With Children Information Line on 1300 652879.

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