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Wondonga FReeZA EventAre you a young artist or band looking to perform at under 18 or all-ages events in Melbourne and around Victoria? FReeZA events are organized by committees of young people across the state for audiences aged 12 – 25. Whether you live in regional or metropolitan Victoria, there’s a FReeZA committee running FReeZA events near you.

The FReeZA program supports young bands, artists and performers by providing performance opportunities in their local communities and in state-wide competitions such as FReeZA Push Start Battle of the Bands.

FReeZA events vary from a small gig at the Nexus Youth Centre in Horsham in south western Victoria, to a youth stage with 1,000 people at a major festival like St Kilda Festival in central Melbourne.

There are three paths you could take to perform at a FReeZA event:

Contact your local FReeZA committee

To get a show with your local FReeZA committee, you should contact them directly through the contact your local FReeZA committee section.

The best approach to getting a gig is to give the contact name listed under your chosen FReeZA committee a call and let them know that you are looking for gigs. Tell or email them your website address, a bio and also a demo and suggest that their committee listens to your music. Give them a follow-up call a few weeks later to remind them about you or your group and to see what their committee thought.

Register as a FReeZA Artist

FReeZA events are for young Victorians (from 12 to 25 years) to enjoy a wide range of music, cultural and artistic events that are drug, alcohol and smoke-free in supervised and safe venues. FReeZA events are organised by local FReeZA Committees made up of young people throughout metropolitan Melbourne and regional and rural Victoria.

The Artist Listing database aims to be a resource for FReeZA committees to contact artists such as musicians/bands, DJs and Hip Hop Dance crews etc when organising events. It has also been designed as a promotional tool for young bands and artists in Victoria that want to perform at FReeZA events.

By entering your information into the Artist Listing database, the network of FReeZA committees, event organisers and the general public will be able to access your details. Information may also be used in other sections of the The Push and FReeZA websites such as Artist of the Month and other online newsletters. Register your details (external link)

FReeZA Push Start Battle of the Bands

The FReeZA program also partners with leading youth music organisation The Push to run the FReeZA Push Start Battle of the Bands, which many FReeZA Committees participate in hosting. The Battle showcases bands under the age of 21 who perform at Heats in their local communities. When speaking to the committee, ask them if they are running a FReeZA Push Start heat.

For more information on Battle of the Bands you can:

If you want to find out more about playing FReeZA shows, call the FReeZA Support Service on 03 9380 1277.


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