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City Of Whittlesea

FReeZA Committee

FReeZA Contact:
Tennille Alivizatos
Ph: 9404 8800
Web: (new window); (new window)

The committee has been in operation for approx 10 years.
Currently there are 14 young people in the committee. 5 of these members have been involved for 5 years. This group is the core FReeZA group and has extensive experience in event management.

In order to engage other young people in developing events in their areas, we will develop local area and/or focused sub-groups to work directly with the core FReeZA group on events. If after these event participants would like to maintain involvement in FReeZA they could join the core committee.

An example of this model is:
As part of Refugee week we will work with a group of young people from a newly arrived background to organise an event. The core FReeZA committee will assist this group to plan and deliver the event.

Currently the Core committee ranges from young people between the ages of 13-25. The interest in the committee in response to community needs and wants is punk/metal/industrial/Hip-Hop/Pop/House/Electro focus. In order to diversify the types of events we will develop sub committees for specific areas with specific groups of young people.

A safe, affordable and well organised event, following all protocols. A variety of events including different music styles, creative media/art projects catering for the diverse groups of young people in our community.
Highlights - best ever FReeZA event or achievement?

The committee always feels that the Battle of the Bands as one of the most enjoyable events to organise; as they get the opportunity to assist local bands that have an opportunity to perform. The FReeZA core group found some difficultly last year trying to cater for all music interests in the community. They have been involved in developing the different approach of sub-committees and are excited about working with other groups of young people in the community to develop events.

The community enjoyed the Skate event, providing young people with a mix of a recreational competition in conjunction with local DJ’s.

FReeZA means....
FReeZA provides the only platform for young people to perform and organise events in our area. It is an opportunity for young people to develop, experiences and relationships with organisations in event management.
FReeZA provides the only underage entertainment (music related) in City of Whittlesea

Community Support
Billy Hydes assists with prizes for events. Local schools are often involved in advertising and assisting the planning of events.

Further community involvement is something that needs to be developed in 2010. We are currently developing a list of local music teachers/ local recording studios young people can access and involve them more in our local FReeZA. 

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