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Maribyrnong FReeZA


Being on a FReeZA Committee means I can make friends with similar interests and gain experience in this industry.
Brittany Williams
Barwon South West Region

FReeZA committees are groups of young people that organise events for other young people in their local communities across Victoria.

As a committee member you will gain valuable hands-on music industry experience and learn about planning, developing and managing events. You will also get know-how in areas like event management, artist liaison, stage management and technical production.

On a FReeZA Committee you are also supporting local musicians, artists and performers by providing performance opportunities at your events. Most importantly, your committee is putting on safe, drug, smoke and alcohol free events for other young people in your community to enjoy.

As a committee member, you will get to determine what type of events suit your community, put on events for 14 - 18 year olds, be involved in decision making and volunteer your time to contribute to your community.

The types of music and cultural events you will help run may include: youth stages and performances at community cultural and music festivals; skating, BMX and hip-hop competitions; art, film and fashion exhibitions; a battle of the bands competition; music, song-writing and dance workshops; or live radio shows.

If this sounds like something you might like to do, join a FReeZA committee. Find out about your local FReeZA committee and let them know you are interested. You will never look back!


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